With 34 years in the Martial Arts and self defense industry, Sifu Alan Baker has extensive background in practicing and teaching multiple self defense and martial arts systems. In 2009 he was approached by the Law Enforcement community to develop specialized training programs that were designed around the unique environments that their SWAT and special team members were encountering.

This was the beginning of the AMAC Tactical Training Group. In 2010, AMAC Tactical was approached by the Executive Protection Institute of New York to develop a specialized defensive tactics and counter Measures program for teaching to their bodyguard/protection graduates. The program was developed and is currently being taught routinely at EPI and around the United States by Alan. Once the program was developed and introduced to the executive protection industry, it was noticed by members of the Law Enforcement community, which eventually led to opportunities for his training of multiple Law Enforcement agencies, SWAT Teams in the United States.

Mr. Baker was asked by The Vehicle Dynamics Institute in New Jersey to design a specialized program of defensive tactics that could be used in and around the operation of a motor vehicle. This program, as well as other specialized programs, has gained the attention of various government agencies that have also expressed interest in similar programs. From the obvious need in the defensive tactics industry for effective programs, Atlanta Martial Arts Center’s Tactical Training Group, “AMAC Tactical” for short, now teaches its unique and highly effective tactical and specialized defensive tactics programs to law enforcement agencies, tactical government agencies and security groups throughout the world.

Mr. Baker was often asked to teach seminars, classes and private training sessions based on the material that was created for the AMAC Tactical Group. From this increasing demand for the information on the civilian side he recognized the need in the market for an intelligent real world program that could educate the average guy so he could have better answers to protect his family. He then founded the Civilian Tactical Training Association to achieve the goal delivering the information on a larger scale.