Joe Cargado

Rank: Phase Two, Purple

Combat Fitness Martial Arts is an eclectic-based martial arts and self defense academy specializing in eight distinct martial arts styles that's available to women, children (5-13 yrs old), teens, and men. We service Doylestown, PA and the Central Bucks County area.

Combat Fitness Martial Arts

Call: 215-821.8659


Website: Combat Fitness Martial Arts

Head Instructor-- Sifu / Khun Kru / Professor Actively training in multiple disciplines of martial arts since 2002.

Level III Instructor in Jun Fan Gung Fu/ Jeet Kune Do under Sifu Jeff Jones (Tri-State Martial Arts Academy, Levittown, PA)

Level III Instructor in Filipino Martial Arts/Kali/Escrima under Guro Jeff Jones (Tri-State Martial Arts Academy, Levittown, PA)

Full Instructor in Muay Thai under Ajarn Surachai "Chai" Sirisute (Thai Boxing Association, USA Branch)

Coach Representative in Combat Submission Wrestling under Sensei Erik Paulson (CSW Training Center, Fullerton, CA)

Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Master Rigan Machado (The Academy, Beverly Hills, CA)

Level III Instructor in Commando Krav Maga under Moni Aizik

Blue Glove, 2nd degree in Boxe Francaise Savate under Professor Salem Assli (California Association of Boxe Francaise~Savate, Los Angeles, CA)

Phase I C-TAC Instructor in The Civilian Tactical Program under Coach John Alan Baker (Woodstock, GA)

Mixed Martial Arts: 3-0 fight record, Men's Super Lightweight. Combat in the Cage, 2006 & 2007

2-time Grapplers Quest Men's No-Gi Flyweight Champion, 2004 & 2005

Certified Personal Trainer, World Instructor Training School (W.I.T.S.), since 1999.